This claims provider for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 leverages Azure AD Graph Client Library to query Azure Active Directory from the people picker. It also gets the group membership of Azure users, so that permissions can be granted on Azure groups.

People picker with AzureCP

Check this article to find out how to configure SharePoint 2013 / 2016 to trust Azure AD.


  • Easy to configure with administration pages added in Central administration > Security.
  • Connect to multiple Azure AD tenants in parallel (multi-threaded queries).
  • Populate properties upon permission creation, e.g. email to allow email invitations to be sent.
  • Supports rehydration for provider hosted apps.
  • Implements SharePoint logging infrastructure and logs messages in Area/Product “AzureCP”.
  • Augment Azure AD users with their group membership.

Customization capabilities

  • Customize list of claim types, and their mapping with Azure AD users or groups.
  • Enable/disable augmentation.
  • Enable/disable Azure AD lookup (to keep people picker returning results even if connectivity to Azure tenant is lost).
  • Customize display of permissions.
  • Set a keyword to bypass Azure AD lookup. E.g. input “” directly creates permission “” on claim type set for this.
  • Developers can easily customize it by inheriting AzureCP class and override many methods.